Case study

LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.

95% of cyber-crime in Life Sciences is attributed to Intellectual Property theft*.

LifeSpan BioSciences provides high-quality antibodies, proteins, biochemicals, ELISA and Assay kits, immunohistochemistry data, and services to researchers worldwide.

Scientists around the world depend on the quality and consistency of antibodies and other reagents from LSBio (LifeSpan Biosciences, Inc.) to develop new treatments and perform cutting-edge research. The work demands meticulous attention to quality, purity, and repeatability. It also requires a high information security posture, including protective and defense measures. A few years back, LSBio saw the need to mature their cybersecurity program.

Dr. Randall Kintner, CIO of LSBio, remembers, “We had a SIEM onsite, but we didn’t have the bandwidth to manage it optimally. As with most SIEMs, continuous tuning is required to separate false alerts from real ones.“

Additionally, Dr. Kintner says LSBio had HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI requirements that he needed to address, so it was time to hire a full time security professional or review companies offering managed services.

We looked at what it was going to take to do full monitoring on our own and realized we wanted an alternative. Dr. Randall Kintner, CIO

Critical Insight solved the problem

CI Security performed a security assessment for LSBio and helped achieve the needed compliance.

Dr. Kintner then looked at all the hours he and his team were spending on the SIEM and calculated what it would cost to update the SIEM. He decided, “using CI Security’s Managed Detection & Response service was just a better business decision.”

MDR has helped LSBio gain critical insight into their network. “Not only are you tying all those data to a common source and looking for events and relationships between events like you would with any SIEM, but you’ve got people there who live and breathe in that environment. They were very proactive in saying ‘Hey, this bit of traffic seemed unusual for you, can you tell us what’s going on?’” Most importantly, LSBio’s IT staff are dealing with fewer false alarms.

CI Security now monitors LSBio’s networks around-the-clock.

LSBio makes sure scientists have the right ingredients for success—and now LSBio has the right ingredients for security success, as well.